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The Marina de Dénia Art Gallery is renamed Toni Marí Art Gallery

February 17 from 2020 - 09: 35

The Marina de Dénia Art Gallery was launched more than two years ago with the aim of opening a space for the art of the region. During this time it has hosted more than 15 exhibitions of painting and sculpture by various artists. On Friday he took another step and consolidated his name by the sculptor Toni Marí. “We are very proud to fulfill one more dream in our port. We all admire Toni Marí and his art, so it is an honor that this gallery bears his name ”commented Gabriel Martínez, director of Marina de Dénia during the presentation.

For his part, Toni Marí said he was delighted with the idea. “I already thought it was a magnificent initiative when they told me that this space was going to open. Exhibiting in this environment is a privilege and the port has been opened to many artists, both known and unknown, so we must recognize Marina de Dénia her generosity with this project. And that now I have my name makes me especially excited, thank you very much ”.

After the official opening of Friday, the Toni Marí Art Gallery will have a collective exhibition open on Saturday, February 15, in which 16 artists from the area participate and will house painting and sculpture. The exhibiting artists are: Modesto Marí, Quico Torres, José Ahuir, Salvador Moya, Miguel Ángel García, Andrés Escrivá, Amparo Mata, Manolo Navas, Joan Castejón, Tomás Sivera, Juan Caravaca, Anton Gudzkevych, Mariia Zhurykova, Pep Sart, Natalia Ribes and Claudia Molina. The exhibition will be in the Sports and Tourist Port until the end of April.

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