Throughout January and February, the Valencian Community will receive about 50.000 doses of Moderna's vaccine

January 07 from 2021 - 11: 13

The Minister for Universal Health and Public Health, Ana Barceló, has described the decision to approve the new Moderna vaccine "very positively" and has ensured that the Valencian Community "is ready for its administration as soon as the first doses arrive" which, predictably, It will be the next week.

Between January and February, the first shipments of Moderna will be received, which will involve about 50.000 doses of this second authorized vaccine. This will allow "to accelerate the vaccination process in the first stages" that are the Residences and the first-line health services COVID-19, according to the minister.

A process that, at the end of this last Wednesday, had already been completed in 125 residences in the Valencian Community and that will be significantly accelerated in the coming days. In this sense, Health maintains its plan so that next Monday users and workers of all coronavirus-free residences in the Valencian Community are vaccinated.

This vaccine, developed by Moderna, prevents the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 in people 18 years of age and older. It is administered in two doses with an interval of 28 days and its maintenance requires its refrigeration at 20 degrees below zero.

The authorization of Moderna's vaccine is based on a pivotal double-blind clinical trial (the vaccine or a placebo is administered masked in such a way as to prevent its identification with the naked eye), randomized, versus placebo, which included more than 30.000 adults over 18 years of age who were vaccinated with two doses of 100 micrograms, separated by an interval of 28 days.

In the intermediate analysis of the results, 196 cases of coronavirus disease were observed, 185 with placebo and 11 with the vaccine, which allowed estimating a vaccine efficacy of 94,1%.

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