José María Fraguas de Pablo presents his latest work 'La vida insignificante de Amador Izalde' in Dénia

Event Date: November 11th 2021
Event type: Talk / conference
Site: Gavilá Ferrer Foundation
Schedule: 19: 30h
Event finished

José María Fraguas de Pablo presents his latest work this Thursday, November 11 'The insignificant life of Amador Izalde'at the Gavilá Ferrer Foundation in Dénia.

The presentation will be made in conversation format between the writer and Juan Fernández Moro.

With 'The insignificant life of Amador Izalde', his seventh novel, José María Fraguas returns to the origin; at the beginning of his prolific and mature career as a writer. As he did in La mujer del lighthouse keeper, his first work, he is once again situated in the intimate drama of a lonely and abused character who fights to the end to stop being one, and neither resigns himself nor allows himself to be defeated.

José María Fraguas de Pablo, also known as “Pirracas” (Madrid, November 19, 1951) is many things, including a television director, producer, director and screenwriter. He has also worked as a professor of audiovisual language, production and tele-journalism in different public and private institutions. He has also directed film magazines and participated in musical groups. And, for twelve years, when "The Lighthousekeeper's Woman" was published, he has also been a novelist.

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