Jorge Miquel Ordoñez fills the RCNDénia with his piano recital

27 July 2022 - 10: 18

The young pianist, Jorge Miquel Ordoñez, dazzled last night at the Real Club Nautico Denia with his piano recital. Before about a hundred people, Ordoñez performed for 45 minutes, several pieces by great composers, being the following:

    J. HAYDN: Sonata in E flat major HOB: VXI 52. nº 62
    –Presto (finale)

    F. CHOPIN. Scherzo No. 2 Op 31

    C. GOUNOD – F. LISZT. Paraphrase on opera Faust.

Musical career of Jorge Miquel

Jorge Miquel Ordóñez (Dénia, 2002), is a soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of the Amaniel Conservatory (Madrid). Great-grandson of the composer Manuel Martínez Chumillas -Madrid, 1902-, he is a disciple of José Mª Duque, considered in turn one of the best students of the notable pianist Esteban Sánchez. He also receives lessons from the Ukrainian pianist Alina Artemyeva.

Ordoñez is recently linked to the Madrid Royal Conservatory of Music, he is also a member of the Dénia Royal Nautical Club, son of a member and grandson of the Founding Member Jorge Miquel Calatayud.

  1. Each says:

    Impressive and very inspiring, how Jorge is able to capture music through the piano so that we can hear, feel, perceive it... I am impressed by his love for music and his discipline, his ability to transmit something so abstract that it resonates with you and that makes you feel the magic that is life itself and everything that lives… I join the comment above: that kid will go very, very far.
    There are times, when the beauty you perceive makes you cry.
    This concert was for me one of these moments.
    Thank you very much!

  2. Saints says:

    Bravis!!!!! he left us with our mouths open. That kid will go very, very far. Congratulations!!!!