Benjamín Pastor, who runs one of the most successful and historic venues in Dénia, dies

12 March 2020 - 13: 55

New hard blow for the hospitality dianense. Another emblematic businessman, Benjamin Pastor, has left us.

Pastor inherited a winery in the heart of Dénia, next to Glorieta of the Valencià Country, and turned it into Casa Benjamín, one of the most frequented and well-known places among dianenses, becoming part of our history. But he was not just another businessman with a local in charge, he was a great connoisseur and lover of the product that he offered to his many clients. An expert, no doubt.

Now he leaves us at 76 years old practicing his favorite sport, cycling, having a heart attack.

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  1. Juana Maria Noguera Gavilá says:

    It is sad that they still do not take all the containment measures seriously that "common sense (the least common of all) does not say that getting together (wherever, especially in the Super) have given them" disinfectant and latex gloves " Was there someone checking that there weren't many people buying in the stores? Does Uda keep the obligatory distance?…. The door, the elevator, the €…. I hope the infection stops and that we get rid of this pandemic soon.
    The more we obey the instructions of Healing, the sooner we will get rid ...

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