EU wants to extend the residence for the elderly do not die waiting Square

14 2015 April - 16: 35

Esquerra Unida candidate, María José Gómez-Pimpollo announced Thursday that his electoral program includes the need for the Residence Santa Lucia "It continues being municipal and that, in addition, is extended, so that the elderly do not have to wait two years. There are times that they have even died when they have been granted the place". The union added that the intention of Acord Ciutadà is that the Day Center is installed in a more urban location, referring to the Municipal Slaughterhouse. According to her, so users "they would not depend on an ambulance or transport". The candidate also stated that "The telephone antennas of the residence harm the elderly and workers." "They have to disappear", Sentenció.

Residencia Santa Lucia

The Republic and the electoral list

The EU-ER-Els Verds and Guanyem Dénia coalition also wanted to take advantage of this 14 April marks the 84 anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic to make public the other candidates as part of their electoral list ahead of the municipal .

Press conference Esquerra Unida

The head of list, María José Gómez-Sapling, said the candidacy compose "twelve women and nine men" among which we can find "Dependents, housekeepers, officials, businessmen and retirees. It is a very diverse list". The candidate number two is María José Juárez, followed by Mónica Díaz, Vicent Ferrer, Oscar Ramirez, Patricia Miñana, Reme Ramírez, Manolo Mico, Esther Mozo, Alex Miñana, Jovana Balaguer, Ricard Llombart, Francesca Mari Pérez, Amparo Garcia, Mario Garcia Constantino Menéndez, Lola Orrantia, Ximo Margalejos, Maria Dolores Ivars and Gerardo Pórtela.

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