"The Solitari Oest" Martín Mcdonagh, at the Community Center

Event Date: December 04 2010
Event type: Theater
Seats: Social center
Opening times: 20: 30
Starters: Free
Event finished

El Saturday December 4, at 20: 30 hours, A new play arrives at the auditorium of the Social Center. They come from the Balearic Islands La Fornal D'Espectacles de Ferro. Projecte Alcover with the show "The Solitari Oest"


The Solitari Oest it is a vicious black comedy about two enemy brothers, Coleman and Valene, who have just buried their father, after a fortuitous and unfortunate "accident"; or, a revival, an update of the biblical legend of Cain and Abel. His provocative and aggressive behavior leads to a violence that we could call expressionist or comedian and that decays deeply in the local priest, the young-tormented and alcoholic-father Roderick Welsh. In a world in which crudeness and brutality are everyday and unmotivated, conscience, full of regrets, of the religious, makes him a ridiculous figure and mockery in the parish of Leenane, a fact that will be aggravated by the fatal attraction that is established with a young seductive village, Girleen.

Address: Pitus Fernández.
Sets and costumesCatalina Bauçà.
LightingMarc Bagur.
Interpreters: Rodo Gener, Josep Mercadal, Emilià Carilla and Agnès Llobet.

1 Comment
  1. Elena says:

    Incredible, a very high acting level and a difficult force to overcome. The first sentences difficult to understand by the closed Catalan Balearic, but the ear is used and no detail is lost. A pity that there was so little public and not more people enjoy it.

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