Dianense fallero sector joins to make their situation visible in a series of interviews

January 25 from 2021 - 11: 45

The Fallas and all the businesses that surround it are going to see their income reduced due to the impossibility of celebrating their parties in 2021. And it is already the second consecutive year. For this reason it is one of the sectors that are in a more critical situation in the economic crisis that the health sector is assuming.

In order to claim their importance and make the situation they suffer visible, the Local Board Fallera de Dénia is conducting a series of interviews with all the people and sectors that have been harmed by the COVID-19 pandemic. "We have to continue fighting to save the sector as much as possible", they announced from the Board.

The interviews will be published on their website and they anticipate that the Falleras Mayores de Dénia, the President of the Board, local authorities, florists, pyrotechnicians, Valencian clothing companies, image and video companies, Fallas artists and members of bands from music, among others.

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    Group therapy?