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The PP asks the government team to suspend the charging of occupation of public roads to bars during 2020

May 08 from 2020 - 10: 36

The Popular Party of Dénia has requested that the government team initiate the file of suspension of the ordinance of public thoroughfare so that the occupancy rate of tables and chairs can be stopped as soon as possible.

The popular ones urge the government team to follow the example of municipalities such as Calp, Benissa and València, which have already fully approved the suspension of the public highway ordinance in order to help businessmen who are going to open their businesses starting next week.

One of the measures approved by the interdepartmental commission of the city council was the one of not collecting this rate during the time that the premises have been closed, but the popular ones think that it should go further and suspend the collection of the same during the rest of the year 2020 from the final approval of the suspension of the ordinance. In this way, "the aid would be more immediate and would affect more directly all those who have had their businesses closed during this time and who have decided to start opening them", points María Mut, spokesman for the popular Denia.

The Popular Party affirms that it is necessary to speed up the procedures to grant the necessary aid that has been promised so much, and that these promises do not remain only in words, but that they begin to manifest themselves in deeds. "And for this, it will be necessary to initiate the suspension file of the ordinance of occupation of public roads as soon as possible so that it becomes effective as soon as possible", comments the popular spokesperson.

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