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The PP of Dénia regrets the lack of agility of the Executive to send aid to local trade

12 June 2020 - 12: 58

"Traders cannot wait, let alone seven months". The Dénia Government team has contracted the drafting of the Strategic Plan for Local Commerce. However, the municipal group of PP He has made clear his dissatisfaction with the deadlines, since it appears that the company has seven months to deliver the work. "Seven months, that is, January 2021".

According to the popular ones, "Our merchants literally do not have these 7 months to secure their future, so we can hardly understand that, since the drafting of this plan is contracted out, instead of taking advantage of municipal resources, the government team of the PSOE I really think that it will be very useful to put it into practice with the blinds already lowered".

The party led by María Mut points out that in the face of the exceptional situation we have had to live through, much more agility and much more proactivity are required on the part of the Consistory. "The municipal aid to our business network, if it fits into the political structures of this government team, must be direct and immediate, because it is right now when they need it the most".

The installments of tax payments, as the PP insists, have been collected at once, just when merchants have been able to open businesses. They also ensure that "Many of the employees have not yet been able to collect the ERTE, and the difficulties of access to the urban area, caused by street closings and the reduction of parking spaces, are not helping anyone at all. Not even those who were trying to help ... "

The summer, although it will not be like in other years, will alleviate the accounts of the shops, but the autumn is just around the corner and it is expected very hard. All economic sectors are interconnected. If one falls, the others will follow, or will be very touched. "Dénia can really wait until January 2021 to have a plan? And what does the government team intend to do until then? Cross their arms? Because that is already happening and it does not seem to be working."

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