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The Sant Roc Mayoral Paco Catalá 2012 be

August 17 from 2011 - 11: 52

Yesterday the name of the one who will be the new Mayoral de Sant Roc for the 2012 year in the pattern day meal that was held in the restaurant Mena. Paco Catalá will happen to the previous holder of the position Juan Palú. Under the watchful eye of authorities as the councilman of parties, Paco Arnau; the captains of the Moors and Christians 2011, Ramón Aguado y Mari Carmen García; or the president of the AMMICC, Josele Maldonado; Catalá took office.

The new Mayoral de Sant Roc warned, in the words that he gave in the act, of his intention to support the San Antonio Church in their social work to help those who need it most, as well as to welcome and help anyone who wants to be part of the parties or need any kind of collaboration from the association.

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