The Dénia Hospital becomes the headquarters of the International Photography Festival "Red Eyes"

06 March 2023 - 18: 16

The CuidArt Room of the Hospital de Dénia has become an exhibition sub-venue for the International Festival "Ojos Rojos" and, from today until May 14, it exhibits Kids of Copper (Chicos del Cobre) by the Alicante photographer Vicente Albero.

Kids of Copper is a documentary photography work, made up of 41 snapshots, and developed between 2014-2017 in Ghana, in a gigantic dump of electronic devices from the Western world.

Sikkens, which is what the dump is called, has transformed the landscape of the area into a desert of smoking soot, the result of burning plastic from millions of electronic devices. The objective is to extract the copper that many household appliances and computer equipment carry in order to later sell it.

However, the price to be paid is very high: toxic gases and soil and water pollution. The landfill not only causes environmental damage and imbalances, but also social ones, since hundreds of minors from inland regions of the country work there.

Kids of Copper It is a sample of that small world to which Vicente Albero traveled and from which his photographic dialogue with Sikkens and the people who work and live there bring us. With some of them he established deep bonds of friendship, from which a project of collaboration and help was born, which still lasts.

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