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Dénia Hospital maintains treatments for cancer patients throughout the pandemic

May 04 from 2020 - 13: 48

El Hospital de Dénia maintains chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Regarding oral treatments, the Hospital Pharmacy Service is responsible for bringing them periodically to homes.

In addition, the Oncohematological Day Hospital has adapted to offer treatments with the maximum guarantees of safety, both hygienic and remote. So the distance between the armchairs has been increased, for which the waiting room has been incorporated. During the time of the pandemic, the entrance of companions during the sessions is not allowed.

The accompaniment of a relative is allowed on the first Oncology visits, which continue to be in person. On the other hand, follow-up of patients for successive consultations and test results is carried out by telephone.

In the Dénia Health Department there are around 5.000 cancer patients, of whom 500 receive some type of treatment.

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