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«The money of the Trust Plan does not exist» - CDL Dénia

23 October 2013 - 00: 00

Mari Martínez, councilor of the CDL Dénia, has harshly criticized the public consultation to determine what to spend on the Plan Confianza budget, calling it "farce and leading action".

Martínez has said that not all neighbors "have access to the Internet, it is not controlled where the vote is, nor how many times a person can vote." On the other hand, the CDL distrusts the vote count, to which only The government team has access.

In addition liberals say the money does not exist Trust Plan, "that promise bought 2011 municipal elections and that same promise of 2015 want to buy."

Martinez has shown outraged by the lack of solidarity of the government team to the families of dependent persons with 35 years listening promises and when finally the government team says they have the money they put at the same level of need that construction of a paddle or rehabilitation of a ship.

  1. tocahuevos says:

    passing, now believe internet is a valid tool because we know the chanchuyos to do, our elders who do not understand that do not THINK, which does not have access to not opine, etc.Mejor not ask if at the end of accounts will do what interests them, but not mareen partridge.

  2. other says:

    !! Jo !!, go councilor so liberal, criticizing the new tools such as Internet. I imagine that as a councilor, is "the government team"

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