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Water consumption and the volume of waste confirm the minimum influx of people at Easter

16 2020 April - 18: 45

During Easter 2020, 183.380 kilograms less of urban solid waste have been collected in Dénia than in the same period of 2019, according to data provided by Urbaser, the company that collects the waste collection.

During Easter last year, the service collected 512.740 kilograms of waste from the city's containers, a total that this year amounts to 329.360 kilograms collected during the same holiday period.

Similarly, according to the figures presented to the city council by aqualia, water consumption during this Easter has been about 10.000 cubic meters per day, a figure significantly lower than that registered in 2019. That same week last year, consumption did not drop of 12.000 cubic meters per day and reached peaks of 16.000 cubic meters consumed in one day.

Another fact that guarantees that the influx of visitors during Easter 2020, in full confinement due to the state of alarm decreed before the coronavirus health crisis, has been barely noticeable, we find it in the fact that water consumption during the week prior to the vacation is practically the same as the one registered during Easter.

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