The City Council congratulates the IES Historian chabas cycle for achieving diving

August 25 from 2016 - 11: 29

Dénia City Council congratulated the IES Historian chabas for the achievement of special sports training cycle regime dedicated to diving. An initiative that Dianense council unanimously supported in the plenary on June 30.

Full in the municipality of Dénia

This support was argued by implantation believe necessary, since natural resources and the Marina Alta Dénia is a basic potential for creating new jobs dedicated to the development of sustainable tourism. It is considered vital to increase the training of people in this area.

The City Council pledged to provide basic infrastructure for the development of this training cycle, promoting training for the exercise of maritime activities (sports, tourism, cultural and environmental) focused on the economic development of the sector.

The request made at the municipal level was accompanied by a report prepared by the UNED Dénia commissioned by the Municipal Employment Board. This study evidenced the lack of professional training programs that take advantage of the environmental potential and the exercise of maritime activities in the locality. Then, the need to resolve the lack of qualified professionals for the management, protection and dissemination of a fundamental economic sector was raised, supporting the request of this training cycle.

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