The increase in tests increases positives in the community according to the Generalitat

10 2020 April - 11: 18

The Councilor Ana Barceló, as every day, has updated the figures of infections of the COVID-19 with the data of the last day. This time, the trend of higher than new positives has been reversed, once again the number of new infections is higher than that of cured ones.

However, Barceló points out that this is because more tests are now being carried out than before. Now, according to the Consellera, tests can be carried out on people with symptoms pending evaluation, which does not mean that social contagions have increased.

The number of new infections is 367 in the Valencian Community (which are already 8.331 active), compared to 313 discharges given in the last 24 hours, a fairly high figure. Daily deaths have fallen, being 29 (796 in total).

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