Fixed education on June 19 and 20 to take the proof of obtaining the Baccalaureate degree for over 20 years

May 14 from 2020 - 12: 34

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport has reactivated the call for the test for those over 20 years of age to obtain the Baccalaureate degree directly for the current school year, postponed by the declaration of the state of health alarm to deal with COVID-19 , and in which this year 148 applicants have registered.

The exams will take place on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 June 2020, following the instructions that the health authorities establish to guarantee the safety of both the applicants and the teachers who carry out the test.

The venues for conducting the test, as originally planned, will be the IES Playa San Juan de Alicante, where 51 applicants from the Alicante regions are called; the IES Vicent Sos Baynat de Castelló, where 21 applicants from the Castellón regions will take the test, and the IES Lluís Vives de València, where 51 applicants for the Baccalaureate degree have registered.

All the updated information on the test is available on the official channels of Education: the web space of the Baccalaureate section with information for citizens on the test for over 20 years of the General Directorate of Educational Innovation and Planning; the GVA portal through procedure 16176, from which interested persons receive general information and access the application for registration to the test, and the information spaces enabled for this purpose by the three HEIs that host the exams.

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