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"Dignity, bread, work and home" was the motto of the demonstration on May 1 in Dénia

May 02 from 2014 - 07: 44

About 400 people demonstrated on the morning of May 1, Labor Day, on the streets of Dénia to demand decent jobs and improvements in working conditions under the slogan Spanish "Dignity, bread, work and home".

At noon 12 the march started from square Jaume I walked the streets Patricio Ferrandiz, Diana Marqués de Campo and encouraging people to join them and claim those rights considered missing.

Among the groups that participated in the demonstration we could see representatives of the Platform of Affected by the Mortgage (PAH); Platform in Defense of Public Health of the Marina Alta; Intersindical Valenciana, representatives of the PSOE, BlocCompromís and Esquerra Unida and the CCOO and UGT unions.

As every May, this event served to raise his voice against cuts in public services, criticizing the doors of bank branches and question the austerity policies being carried out by the central government.

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