Sixteen works choose the III Prize for Children's-Youth Narrative Ciutat de Dénia

08 June 2020 - 12: 11

On June 1, the deadline for the submission of works that are eligible for the III Children's-Youth Narrative Prize in Valencia City of Dénia 2020, an open call to all authors, of any nationality, who have submitted original and unpublished narrative works , written in Valencian and suitable for children's readers (9-12 years).

The award, organized by the Dénia City Council, in collaboration with the Valencian publisher Andana Editorial and coordinated by the Municipal Public Library, is endowed with 3.000 euros and the publication of the winning work in Andana Editorial.

The authors have a period of 10 working days from today, the date of publication of the provisional list of works submitted to the website of the City of Dénia, to present the relevant allegations. Once these are resolved, the definitive list will be published on the Dénia City Council website and on the Andana Editorial website.

The jury for the award will be made up of representatives of the Dénia City Council, the Cultural Association of the Marina Alta (MACMA) and Andana Editorial, as well as a person specialized in children's literature. Among other criteria, the literary quality of the work, the adequacy of the plot and the language in the age of the readers, the quality and lexical variety and the originality and creativity will be assessed.

The name of the winner and the public presentation of the prize-winning work in this third edition will be made in Dénia next October.

The works that have been presented are:

  • The somni americàby I had a dream
  • The galactic carxofa and the impossible thingsby Carme Valls
  • La Queta to the bosc dels castanyers, by Orquídia Blanca
  • The country of les aigües tranquil·lesby Fada
  • The cap of the Marissa, from La dona trista
  • L'amor als cimsby Pelut
  • The Counts of the Bamboo Forestby Wang Wei
  • Bessons in historyby Seraikala
  • Rough seaby Margot Lafleur
  • Heli Argilés i the rock segelladoraby Estel Guasp
  • The country sense musicby El Joglar
  • Relats with soundtrackby Albada
  • The tossal houseby Deixant d'un somni
  • Who is it to marry the prince?by Garrofera
  • Panxo's somriureby Papallona de colors
  • L'increïble viatge de la Superpatrulla del Parcby Magister fabularum
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