A person arrested in Dénia for refusing to abandon the public highway

18 2020 April - 12: 49

On Friday, April 17, the Local and National Police in Dénia filed 39 complaint acts and detained a person for repeatedly refusing to leave the street. Likewise, a total of 62 people and 184 vehicles were identified in the controls.

Among the complaints, that of transfers from other towns without just cause continues to be repeated, as well as for being several kilometers from home after going for a walk, playing sports or shopping.

In the Paseo del Saladar, the agents found two people sitting on a public bench drinking, who shy away from the agents, and after being located, they are punished.

In Camí del Bassot, four people are punished for being in a house celebrating a party with music. The sanctioned indicate that they have moved there to be with their respective partners.

Also in an urbanization a couple with a minor is located enjoying the communal areas (pool and gardens), a matter not allowed in the alarm decree, for which both adults are sanctioned.

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