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They denounce a person who claimed to have gone out for air due to asthma

07 2020 April - 10: 14

During yesterday, the agents of the Local Police and National Police in Dénia identified 108 people and controlled 301 vehicles.

Of the 40 reported that there was to skip the decree of state of alarm, the case of a person who was caught during the night wandering in the Arxiduc Carles square is striking. She excused herself from her asthma, needing to go out for air. Insufficient justification, which led to a complaint, and somewhat surreal in the case of a risk group against COVID-19

But sadly anecdotal cases did not stop there. A trio in the town center were also surprised, saying they were going by bus to Malaga. The reason? To visit some friends. The point of origin? Barcelona. All three individuals were sanctioned.

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