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Denia hairdresser denounced for providing service to the State of Alarm

12 2020 April - 13: 33

Local Police officers continue their hard work to identify and sanction those offenders who do not comply with the restrictions of the state of alarm decree. Yesterday, 144 people were identified, 169 vehicles were controlled and a total of 46 complaints were imposed, one of them being to an establishment for providing service despite its activity being prohibited.

This complaint occurs when a hairdressing establishment is detected in a round of the Saladar promenade that appears to be semi-open and has the door covered by a cloth to hide the activity inside. It is confirmed after the access that there are two people, one providing the cutting service to another, both being sanctioned.

Among the other interventions, the usual excuses related to making the purchase, going to the cashier stand out, but none of them justifies the address to which he is going or the tickets that the passer-by carries with him.

In addition, three people were also sanctioned for being gathered without justification for their presence on public roads, or keeping the recommended distance between them, or carrying protective measures.

On the other hand, five people are punished; two, on Calle Sertorio, who, after receiving complaints about inconvenience, and the agents coming to the home, located two people, one of whom does not live there and three people in a house on Paseo del Saladar, also due to inconvenience due to music. At high volume, three people are located, one of whom does not reside there.

Likewise, in Mar Adriatica a person is located in community areas, specifically sunbathing and bathing in the pool.

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