Dénia already has more incidence of the coronavirus than half of the confined municipalities

January 13 from 2021 - 07: 50

The latest update on the incidence of coronavirus by municipalities that the Ministry of Health has made public has been a hard blow for the Marina Alta region, and especially for Dénia.

The municipality is in the worst scenario since the COVID-19 pandemic began, with each new update breaking its own records that already seemed insurmountable. And these come to us alarming figures Knowing that it can get worse.

We are facing the first consequences of Christmas, but there are still many weeks ahead to see how far these infections that occurred during days with harsh restriction measures are going to affect.

Restrictions have been increased again, reducing capacity and further limiting travel and leisure time. In some cases, it has even been chosen confinement of municipalities, preventing the entry and exit of these. It is about 29 towns in the Valencian Community that have been closed since last January 7 and will remain so for 14 days, when their situation is reviewed and it is decided whether to extend this confinement or to allow displacements again.

What is striking is that many of these municipalities have much lower numbers of new infections and incidence, the standard unit with which they are based to decide most of the measures, than Dénia, which does not enter the block of municipalities confined. In fact, the current situation means that the capital of the Marina Alta is in increasingly worse conditions and is very bad when compared with the inmates.

Without going any further, if we compare Dénia with a similar and nearby municipality such as Oliva, we see that the first has almost triple incidence than the Valencian population. Currently Dénia has a cumulative incidence of 1.133,61 infections per 100.000 inhabitants, while that of Oliva is 490'02.

But, in addition, if we compare Dénia with each of the municipalities we see that their situation is worse than half of them. The locality has more incidence than 15 of the confined towns.

Despite the fact that the resolution of January 5, 2021 with which Sanitat confined the 29 municipalities makes explicit reference to the accumulated incidence, the Ministry itself has confirmed to this medium that the epidemiological reports take into account many other variables and how they are interrelated each.

"In general terms, indicators come into play such as the expected cases; the observed ones; the probability of observing that number of cases or greater; the diagnostic increase; the degree of traceability of the cases; the active outbreaks; the average number of cases per outbreak ... ", they report from the Ministry of Health.

Comparison of the incidence of confined municipalities and that of Dénia

  1. Alfonso says:

    There is talk of economy, there is talk of perimeter confinements, of not losing a generation due to lack of attendance in classrooms, business, health, …… ..it is talked about…. .

    In the time that we have been with the virus running throughout the geography of our cities, communities, state, continent, ... .. I think we should have come to the conclusion that we are facing an obstacle course, where whoever falls could lose his life, stay with sequels, ... etc.

    It is a race to arrive first.
    That country that is capable of immunizing a good percentage of its population will be in a position to start the race for the economy, to eliminate ertes, to generate employment, production and growth. Anyone who is not capable of generating security may leave open restaurants, shops, businesses in general, but will not be in a position to undertake a certain and firm career towards recovery.
    For this reason and from my point of view we would have to apply that "bread for today will certainly become hunger for tomorrow", let's win the future by sharing the solution and being in solidarity in the present.
    No one is to be left behind.

    It is not a matter of being half-measures, if you want to create employment, recover normality in a few months you will have to
    offer security, without it, there is no solution, there is not.
    Who will come on vacation to fill hotels, to consume if the necessary security is not offered?
    We all know the answer, observe, domestic consumption will not move enough to maintain the productivity of the economic sectors that maintain a large part of our economy. This is first class economics.
    I understand that we have been in this situation for a long time, perhaps if a clear decision were made, over a period of time, in a few months we could be in a position to address the future with greater possibilities. So far we are in a removable.
    The theory of evil of all with soil of…., It does not work.

    I appeal to our Governors to take the necessary decisions and measures to nip this situation at its roots. Half measures are of no use but to delay the problem and the solution can be much more traumatic in a few weeks. Meanwhile lives are lost, each precious one. Gain time by reducing infections and vaccinating, while offering the possibility to hospitals to reduce tension and be able to attend not only to COVID patients, there are also many waiting to be treated for other pathologies.

    The personal matter does not serve, this is a matter for everyone, not only Denia, Valencia, Madrid, Paris, London, Benidorm ... etc. our Rulers know it, MAKE DECISIONS.
    At this moment, the news program announces the suspension of the fallas, in a few weeks Holy Week (be brave and make the decisions that you know you have to make) this is not a matter of political model, I do not understand right or left, no understands regions …… ..

    • Sue says:

      It is the people who have to be obedient and wear masks etc if the people do not and we see people in bars without masks and smoking. what hope do we have We all have to stop this. we have the example of Australia and New Zealand. they were obedient now there is not a case. WE OBEY THE RULES TO BE FOLLOWED. AND WE WILL GO AHEAD THIS WILL GO FOR LONG IF WE DO NOT.

  2. Carles Gual says:

    People need to think about the political decisions that are being pre-empted. For example, tancar Campos street that molta people went to the commercial center on hi they can spread it more easily.
    I do not need crying that repeats that the one that els manages Valencia or Madrid.

    • Carol says:

      Mr .: Mayor:
      The ports in VALENCIA are more than enough to supply the BALEARIC islands.

      BALEARIA and many PUBLIC AND PRIVATE BOATS have allowed German, ENGLISH, etc. to enter by SEA at CHRISTMAS. who came from Mallorca and Ibiza or the islands, which were overwhelmed with contagions, like all those who want to enter SPAIN WITHOUT PROBLEMS ... DENIA is the best way to achieve it, they know that there IS NO CONTROL here ...
      Through LAND they have entered with cars, trucks, buses, etc. ALL THE POSITIVES in CHRISTMAS, because of the irresponsible of the AYTO and those who should be at their orders, because they have NOT done anything to prevent it.
      It is necessary to give ORDERS that DO NOT LET ANYONE ENTER, NEITHER BY SEA, NOR BY LAND, NOR BY AIR, if there are air bases in the Region, however small they may be.

      There is no use in confining us now, those of us who live here.
      We must control those who come from outside, especially from ENGLAND and other countries outside, and not let anyone pass, demand the DAILY demonstration that they ARE NOT POSITIVE.
      And CLOSE everything where they can meet in public.
      What is the use of confining those who live alone and neither enter the town, nor go to places where there are people, when they are not confined?
      That is useless.
      In Denia there is plenty of space, to be outside and that we meet four cats, as long as we do not go into public places.
      The confinement to be for these places, shopping centers, restaurants, shops, clubs of all kinds, tennis, sports, Nautical, where the capacity is high and there is no space, to separate enough from each other, schools, etc. not for those who, under normal conditions, do not meet others.
      The infected have at Christmas and they have left us here the damage
      between us.
      Now it is about NOT LET ANYONE ENTER OR LEAVE OUR LOCALITY and that it is done until all Denia is vaccinated, especially weekends, holidays, vacation times, etc. Whatever it takes or we will never end this crisis.
      More and more infected and more dead and yours will be the responsibility for consenting to it.
      a greeting

  3. Joseph says:

    It is incredible how after 1 year xontinuous people without understanding anything of what happens ... .. The virus has come to stay forever and we must be aware that we are going to catch each and every one of us without exception and there is no restriction nor measure to stop it.
    On the other hand, it seems to me very bad to think how politicians, when they find themselves out of control by the situation, do not stop saying that it is the fault of the irresponsibility of the people who are infected, it is absurd to say that and to create a bad coexistence between the population.
    The fault IS NOT ANYONE !!!! Do not look for guilty political gentlemen! The mayor Denia said in the media that "we have made a big mess" because of the contagions that exist in Denia and that we are irresponsible. What pathetic statements from a person in charge of an entire city like Denia. Let's see if they understand that there are NO culprits to always look for in everything that happens in the world!

    On the other hand, he affirms that we self-define and that it is not a drama, if I had the mayor's salary insured I would also say the same to look great with the people, the problem is that ordinary people are in Erte or are fired or discounts of salaries and I don't think they can afford to stay at home… ..

    Please stop looking for culprits where there are none. Do you not understand that now there are more infections than in March to May before putting restrictive measures such as face masks, etc. ??? You are doing a disservice to society in an eternal search to blame people for something that is NOT anyone's fault !!! I understand that to remove the responsibility of politicians and blame them before, they do whatever it is like to throw balls out saying that the fault is the irresponsibility of the people and so hot dogs.

    Please relax a little now that many of you are going to spend on psychologists what you have not spent in restaurants because of the covid

  4. James says:

    Well no,… .it were not those from Madrid who were contagious… ..

  5. Mike august says:

    Also, is the corona pandemic a competition to have the smallest numbers? Was this reporter a sportscaster before? Please, get sick for your health!

  6. Mike august says:

    Isn't it a virus "unleashed" by definition? Primitive acts like distancing and face cloths is like a cat trying to catch a laser point. It is ridiculous and will fail, as it failed for almost a year. But vaccines are bought and the middle class diminishes, freedoms are taken away. Mission accomplished, I guess.

  7. Juan Antonio says:

    I totally agree with you Carol.

  8. Carol says:

    The pertinent tests must be carried out so that between these tests and the vaccines there is absolute security, that there is no POSITIVE and SEVERELY follow the steps so that each vaccine is a success.

    The most important thing is not to go for the highest percentage, but to do it conscientiously
    And with the greatest security.

    It is very important not to have to go through a confinement again, because if we must get there it will mean that there is no control by the most responsible, at the entrances and exits of DENIA and / or the region to which it corresponds the only HOSPITAL available.

    For this, the tests that show that they are NOT POSITIVE must be requested, those who have to enter or leave our town due to force majeure.

    Each person is responsible for a hospital and no one can let die or stop caring for a RESIDENT because there are no respirators, for example ... consenting to care for those who have disobeyed, removing the positions of a RESIDENT, regardless of age , no matter how old you are, you have preference in any type of care, one that has not been responsible and has dared to leave your locality.

    If this is not done, it will be useless if we are confined 15,30 or 1000 days ... or a lifetime ...

    No POSITIVE can enter our town and those that are, isolated and controlled, until they stop being so.


    But the RESPONSIBILITY belongs to everyone:


    Of the RESPONSIBLE of the AYTO

    NOT ALLOWING anyone who is POSITIVE to enter, preventing this pandemic from spreading in our town until we are all emptied.



    Masks, three if necessary, keep distances the greater the better and leave the house with the essentials:
    To eat, exercise ...

    Giving priority to the economy, letting those who come pass ... it will be the responsibility of the CITY COUNCIL and the people who work under their charge who should avoid it.

    Individual responsibility is secondary bone afterwards and at the same time that the first one is fulfilled ... I insist.

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