Dénia organizes a new edition of the School for mothers and fathers 'Educating to prevent'

16 December 2022 - 15: 48

The Department of Addiction Prevention, through the UPCCA (Unit for Community Prevention in Addictive Behaviors), has organized the 23rd edition of the School for mothers and fathers "Educating to prevent", the fundamental objective is to situate them with respect to the reality of their children and daughters and familiarize them with the risks, behaviors or problems that may arise in the adolescent stage.

In this way, it is intended to help improve the relationship with sons and daughters by providing rules and limits, improving communication, tasks and responsibilities on the part of all family members, stressing the importance of the influences of the group of friends, as well as provide tools to promote the skills and development of young people.

Mothers, fathers and families need to be informed, oriented and advised, as well as trained in educational tactics to educate from prevention. Preventive action begins from childhood, so not only mothers and fathers of adolescents are invited to this school, but all those families that have a minor at home and require tools for the development of their sons and daughters.

In this 23rd edition, the current problems that can put children, adolescents and young people at risk will be presented in a dynamic way in order to better guide them. Thus, from the UPCCA, it is committed to front-line professionals who are in direct contact with the youngest and deal with problems from different fields and points of view.

The 23rd School for Fathers and Mothers will take place in five sessions scheduled every Wednesday between January 11 and February 8, 2023, from 19:21 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., at the Historian Chabàs Institute.

On January 11, keys to understanding adolescence will be given. On the 18th, prevention and action against addictions will be discussed. On January 25, the theme of the session will be "educating and communicating from emotionality". In February, on Wednesday the 1st, they will explain how to address issues of sex with their sons and daughters and finally, on the 8th, information will be offered on how to promote the responsible management of new technologies.

Interested persons can register now at the UPCCA by providing their name and surname, telephone number and email. They can be contacted by phone (628 076 449), email (upccadenia@ayto-denia.es) or on Facebook and Instagram @upccadenia by means of a private message.

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