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Dénia cleans and conditions the dog beach

10 July 2020 - 10: 59

The Escollera Norte beach, located in the Punta del Raset, port area, is the beach for dogs in Dénia. This canine area is 100 meters long, and is made of gravel and sand, so its conditioning and cleaning must be done manually.

In the service area of ​​the City of Dénia, in the last few hours, it has been cleaned.

This beach is open from July 1 to October 31, since during the high tourist season, the presence of dogs on other beaches is prohibited. Failure to comply involves fines according to the Territorial Action Plan of the green infrastructure of the coastline of the Valencian Community (PATIVEL).

  1. Miranda says:

    Well, I also see daily throwing butts, one after another, without worrying in the least. And what do we users do? Well screw us and hold on. Let's see if the day comes when, in addition to banning dogs in summer on the beaches, it is forbidden to suffocate, to give that bad example to minors. And, on top, fill the beaches with such shit, which takes a lot of years to destroy. That they have to leave the "beach area" to smoke. Just like ALL other spaces have to be done. YOU'RE WELCOME

    • MIPB says:

      Being in complete agreement that smoking is prohibited on the beaches and also in the dirt that it generates and that we must all endure, I do not know what it has to do with the news of the dogs and what I argued about skipping the established rule that clearly indicates that the presence of dogs is prohibited until October 31.

    • Sara says:

      This beach is insufficient with the situation we are experiencing and the security measures that must be maintained. With the damage of last year, the beach was almost without sand and therefore without surface. It must be added that it is not cleaned and is full of posidonias, which means that the smell and dirt accumulates even more. I love going to the beach with my dog, but I want to be able to maintain safe 2m distances, and currently, on that beach it is impossible. They suppose that they enabled the beach next door to be able to be with the dogs and, in my case, the police have kicked me out very politely. But we don't understand how they prefer to have such a high number of people in such a small space, instead of being able to keep everyone safe without disturbing them.

  2. MIPB says:

    It will be forbidden but there are still dogs, at least yesterday evening on the beach of les Marines ... of course around 20:30 pm when there is no longer surveillance.
    And what do users do? Shave it and argue with everyone? Messrs. More civility ...

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