Cs asks the City Council to make the suitable properties available to Sanitat to facilitate vaccination without crowds

28 December 2020 - 11: 04

Citizens of Dénia has submitted to the City Council a motion for it to make available to the Ministry of Health all the properties that it has and that meet the requirements to be able to carry out the vaccination process against COVID-19 in them. The idea, according to the training, is to avoid large crowds and ensure separation from the rest of the activities of these centers.

The dates set to start the massive vaccination campaign against COVID-19 are approaching, "and hardly any detail about the vaccination “Plan” has transpired, beyond what does not suppose more than a wish and not objective facts ", indicates Ciudadanos in their motion presented, adding that "This is how it is denounced among other health associations, the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians".

Supported the motion in affirmations of Scientific Societies, Ciudadanos points out the importance and need of "Separate the organization and administration of the vaccine from the ordinary circuit of care for people who go to health centers or those who are cared for at home or in the community.".

That is why it will ask in the next ordinary plenary session that the City Council assign the properties owned by the corporation where it can carry out the vaccination away from other uses that could affect the process.

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