Meet L'Ateneu de Dénia Esperança Coronada

L'Esperança Crowned Ateneu Denia is a non-profit association created by a group of music lovers in the year 1991 with the intention of enriching the musical life of Denia and the Marina Alta. With the collaboration of various public and private institutions, the group has made possible the realization of more than 150 activities between audiovisual creation and documentaries, concerts and numerous informative talks. L'Esperança programming develops Topped with talks and audiovisual projections in the first half of the year and the last quarter is reserved for the concert series.

Miquel Ortolà, president of the association, explains: "Our project is focused on contemporary creation, but is open to other subjects like music from other cultural traditions, ancient music or what is commonly name classical repertoire" "Yes - nuanced always fleeing labels. Our intention has been to build a sound open to various proposals and repertoires committed to a very high level of public interpretation. Small concerts, recitals of soloists and chamber ensembles that allow a direct relationship with the public ".

The company was named "L'Esperança Crowned" in homage to Mozart was the name of the last Masonic lodge to which was attached the musician-. Initially involved in the project twenty people and today it up about a hundred. Profile speaking partners l'Esperança Coronada, says Miquel Ortolà is very diverse: "What unites partners L'Esperança Crowned is his interest in music and sound art in general; people are very interested in the d eproyecto type we are carrying out, combining both the projection as both experimental audiovisual documentary, didactic lectures and concerts. " Members of the group are mainly Dénia, according to Miquel Ortolà, "although there is no public partner outside the region and have also come to arouse public interest in Gandia or Valencia".

The early years of L'Esperança Coronada were devoted to research and define the way forward for the company, a process that the type of programming that has now consolidated and allows the collective always be present in the cultural calendar of Dénia emerged . In 2011 20 the association fulfill years of activity and to celebrate "projects are already thinking of some magnitude," as advanced Miquel Ortolà. "It's very hard to think of an association of Dénia working in classical, classical music, during 20 years, is really a work process and much difficulty, and the fact is that the public has of winning, you can not stagnate and why we are working, "concluded the president.

Crowned by L'Esperança they have passed musicians Lluis Claret, Andrew Manze, director of Inglés Concert; Miguel Zanetti, the Trio de Barcelona, ​​the composer Matilde Salvador, Andrew Laurence-King, Carles Santos, Rohan cellist de Saram, Stefano Scodanibbio, the master of shakuhachi Kakizakai kaoru, Enrico Baiano, the logos Foundation Gant, Garth Knox, the Canadian lutenist Michel Cardin, instrumental works by Luciano Berio, Elliot Carter, Isang Yun and George Crumb, phonetic poetic proposals Kurt Schwitters, Fátima Miranda and Llorenç Barber, Terry Riley, chamber music of Mauricio Kagel and Joan Guinjoan, the creating electroacoustic composer Kaija Saariaho Finnish, sound beautiful jewelry Conlon Nancarrow automatic mechanisms and some others.

  1. Anna Sauer says:

    Please send me the programm, thank you



  3. Miquel Ortolà says:

    For any information on our programming, our address is ecoronada@ecoronada.com
    Per a informació qualsevol on nostres them propostes, electronics és nostra Adreça ecoronada@ecoronada.com
    Moltes gràcies per la vostra atenció.

  4. llorenç barber says:

    estimats amics, ESTIC buscant to miquel ortolá, email me seu does not work. HELP


  5. Leah Bisquert Bertomeu says:

    BS ”D
    I need I emailed the programming of its activities, in order to go to a concert, thank you.

  6. Inge Willekens says:

    Dear Miguel Ortolà - I try to locate you because I am very interested in your project in Denia.
    You could send mail your contact? Thank you!

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