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Compromís presents a motion to ask for more commitment in Dénia against LGTBIphobia

16 June 2020 - 12: 16

Compromís by Dénia presented this morning at the Committee on Inclusive Policies, for debate and approval in plenary, a motion to explicitly denounce homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia and transphobia; and ask for more measures to eradicate this social scourge.

In the motion, the Government of Spain is asked to approve a Comprehensive LGTBI + Law that includes all issues of state competence from a holistic perspective (health, education, employment, etc.) and recognizes that LGTBI + rights are a matter of State ; as well as the depathologization of trans and intersex identities, without the sexual and health rights of these people being affected.

In addition, the proposal requires an effective commitment to be expressed against social cuts, especially in the prevention and treatment of HIV, and at the same time advocates the full commitment of our municipality, as an institution closest to citizens, to respond in the LGTBI + population in everything that is within their competence.

Eva Round, councilor of the group, has pointed out that "We must recognize the existence of visibility initiatives in the City of Dénia since 2015 committed to this collective struggle, but it is true that there is still a way to become a society where there is no discrimination whatsoever". In this sense, he added that "We celebrate the progress, without forgetting that there is still a long way to go, since LGTBIphobia continues to manifest itself in classrooms, homes, leisure and work centers, as well as in administrations and public services".

The letter also highlights the need to demand a quality, secular, public education that meets diversity as a requirement to create educational spaces where democratic values ​​and tolerance prevail, and where the defense of family diversity is included.

  1. Shekelstein says:

    depathologization, family diversity …………… ..


  2. Josep Sanz says:

    We all hope that Ms. Oltra resigns for hiding that her husband raped a poor girl in a shelter. She responsible for the Ministry was silent as a whore.
    The girl was taken to testify in handcuffs.
    This is how the left treats women.
    Enter the lgtbitr .. For the ano.culo in Spanish.

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