QR codes to keep your pet

02 2014 April - 00: 00

The QR Code, from the English Quick Response, is an information coding system based on the bar code system.

It is one, with smaller squares square representation in three of its corners (top left and right and lower left) that can store more information than a bar code.

These codes are read by cameras and mobile phones last generation and as a result, but have long been on the market, it is now that are becoming popular.

QR code to locate your pet

QR code pet

Because of its advantages (such as storing images or videos) and the ease with which these data are read Mascotetes is now selling new Dindog QR plates for dogs, so that in case of a lost animal, anyone can read the data and return it.

How does the QR Dindog work?

Dindog Each chip has a unique QR code that identifies it.

  • When someone finds your dog and scan the QR code, they will appear all your contact details.
  • You will receive an e-mail with the data of that person and the GPS coordinates of the place where scanned the sheet.
  • You put yourselves in touch and recover your pet.

Ding plates with QR codes Dog Dog

What differentiates these plates microchip that already has my dog?

Microchips can only be read by professionals of the canine sector. Instead, these plates can be read by anyone with a smartphone or internet connection.

Buy your sheet in Mascotetes now and you will always have the service activated. Also, activate your "lost dog" alert if needed.

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