Ciudadanos bets on an online outlet to sell the stock of local businesses

17 2020 April - 12: 33

The municipal group of Citizens has published a decalogue that they will present at the City Council next Monday, when a meeting is held between the different parties and technicians to discuss measures to deal with the crisis in Dénia.

Citizens, to begin with, propose that the flags of the municipal buildings be flown at half-mast as a sign of mourning for those who died with coronaviruses, who have not been able to fire their relatives until the state of alarm ends. In the same way, they also request that during the same period a minute of silence be held before each plenary session in memory of these victims.

In addition, they propose a series of measures to help businesses withstand the crisis, such as the cancellation of some taxes or their extension. The proposal for the creation of an online outlet stands out so that the stores can dispose of the accumulated spring stock, since the campaign is about to end and this would be spoiled.

In the same way, they bet on encouraging the extension of the fiber optic network in Dénia that does not cover the entire urban area, as well as areas of Les Rotes, Marines, It montgó and some industrial. Now, when teleworking is the order of the day, the optimal Internet connection is more necessary than ever, and many families lack one in good condition.

Citizen Proposals

  • All the flags of municipal buildings wave at half-mast in recognition of all those who died during the state of alarm and who have not been able to be dismissed by their families. Establish a minute of silence in each plenary session, from today until the alarm state is lifted, in memory of the victims of Covid-19, as the first act in each plenary session.
  • Joint motion of the Dénia City Council Plenary requesting authorization to dispose of 100% of the municipal surplus as long as it is dedicated to alleviating the effects of this crisis on citizens.
  • Follow-up with the management of the Educational Centers of the city of families in vulnerable situations and provide the possible means for them to continue their virtual academic training.
  • Creation, with the full support of the City Council, of an ONLINE OUTLET PORTAL where all local businesses can dispose of stocks that they cannot sell due to confinement.
  • Creation of a Single Office where all the information on municipal aid and resources related in points 6, 7 and 8 of this document is provided. Human and material resources will be allocated to this office from other municipal departments.
  • Regulation of Direct Social Aid Bases, aimed at people or family units that do not have sufficient income to meet the expenses derived from the current emergency situation.
  • Tax credits in municipal taxes for homeowners who make them available to the Denia City Council Housing Rental Exchange and to all homeowners who agree to a delay or forgiveness of rents with their tenants while the State of Alarm lasts.
  • Aid plan for SMEs, the self-employed and companies with tax credits in municipal taxes (rubbish, IBI, OVP) and direct aid for those who could not avail themselves of the Aid plan of the Generalitat Valenciana.
  • Forgiveness of the collection of rents in municipal social housing for a period of three months from the Alert Decree.
  • Urge and facilitate the telephony companies the procedures for the installation of Fiber Optics in the industrial areas and the scattered areas of the city, lacking it (Las Rotas, Montgó, Las Marinas), implementing bonus systems that encourage the execution of the facilities.
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  1. this says:

    If it is true to provide the necessary permits from the administration quickly and with possible financial incentives!
    And to have warned them from the beginning that without total connection of the different areas of the city not a stone moves! Or all or nothing !!
    Citizens are not stupid, we know that the city center is more profitable than the remote neighborhoods!

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