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Calm against false hysteria: "the supply is guaranteed"

11 March 2020 - 14: 44

The alarm for the coronavirus had long been around the Marina Alta with early information on cases studied in health centers. With the Announcement of the postponement of the Fallas y some cultural events, this flame has been revived, to which we are recklessly throwing more wood.

Spread the false information that Dénia supermarkets suffer from shortages and extensive queues to get provisions. It is true that last night, as shown in the photo, a supermarket shelf was empty, but it was an exceptional case that has nothing to do with the shelves on a Friday or Saturday at the last minute, much less with viralized images of stores in Madrid.

From the supermarket where the image was taken, where they have the same open boxes as usual, they have informed this media that the days are as ordinary as the previous weeks. More people may be seen, or maybe not, but they doubt that there is any hysteria for the coronavirus as in Madrid.

The person who has assisted us ensures that the supply of products is guaranteed, subscribing to the words of Juan Roig. In addition, referring to this "alarming" empty shelf, he declared that it was somewhat more anecdotal than anything else, since they have a large number of replacement pallets for both legumes and other products.

Pedro Reig, director of the Association of Supermarkets of the Valencian Community (ASUCOVA), has also wanted to call for calm "to certain ads of excessive and unnecessary gathering". "There are no problems.", he affirmed to this media ensuring that the distribution is guaranteed every 24 hours.

  1. Joselito says:

    Thanks, but today the shelves were empty.
    We will be on bread and water (if it remains)

  2. Joselito says:

    Well, I could not buy macaroni, they had not.
    There were also no lentils or chickpeas.
    Meat was also in short supply.
    What do you recommend that I buy?

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