Plummeting of infections in the Marina Alta: only 32 in the region and 5 in Dénia

February 23 from 2021 - 10: 17

The weekend has confirmed the optimistic trend of the coronavirus pandemic in Dénia and throughout the Marina Alta. Far from increasing the cases, these have fallen to ridiculous data, as published in its update of the COVID-19 by the Ministry of Health.

The Marina Alta has added only 32 new cases since Friday, something that has not been seen since November. With these new positives, there are 239 (out of a total of 9.541) active cases, leaving the region with an incidence of 139,16, so the risk level would drop to Medium.

Now, 5 new deaths with coronavirus in the Marina Alta must be regretted, one of them from Dénia. With these, there are already 169 positive deaths in COVID-19 since March.

The capital of the Marina Alta also imitates the region with a massive collapse of its data on new infections. Only 5 new cases have been detected since Friday, again a figure not seen since November. With these, he has already added 3.005 infections since March, but only 62 are still active, so the incidence falls to 147,04 infections per 100.000 inhabitants, going from Extreme to Medium risk level.

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