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Balance of the first days of alarm state: testimonies and positive initiatives

16 March 2020 - 16: 29

How are you living these first days of such an unusual situation? After the first weekend of staying at home, the question is clear: how are the citizens of Dénia managing it? The organization of families, the initiatives to make confinement more enjoyable and the unusual pattern of deserted streets.

The organization of families

Families with children are juggling so they feel as little as possible about the change in routines and the absence of social life and the outdoors. With simple explanations, that they can understand and search for games and continuous entertainment. Marina and Javier are 34 and 37 years old, they are computer programmers and they are an example of teleworking with children at home. Although your company provides facilities for this, "If this goes too far, we will have to see what happens". With the children, ages five and two, they have established a schedule of routines with hours and activities, and they have explained, in a very understandable way, what the coronavirus is. The couple is also on alert with other family dependents, older people, who buy everything they may need so they do not have to go out and do not expose themselves to anything.

Old people

The Residència Santa Llúcia and the Day Center are closed, and visits to family members are suspended. But as explained by the Councilor for Politics of the Major, Elisabet Cardona, "Photographs of people admitted to their families are sent, so that they are calm", and you can call the service number 636 199 175 from 10.30:12.30 to XNUMX:XNUMX to find out how they are.

Exceptional cases: a pregnancy in the final stretch

Raquel, a dianense resident in Madrid for work reasons, seven months pregnant, does not come to Denia despite the fact that she is spending important moments in solitude and her whole family is here. Neither her parents nor her sisters are traveling to see her. She has been proactive and has her material needs covered, but all the ultrasounds and controls that she had planned have been canceled. He is well and is aware that he cannot come to Dénia because he is in the main focus of coronavirus in Spain. "I'm psyching up to give birth without mine", Explain. Raquel is positive and she is very clear, she is aware of the situation although she would like it to be otherwise.

Popular initiatives

Two go applause nights from the balconies, that of Saturday and that of Sunday, transmitting support to health professionals. At 22:00 hours people went out to their terraces to cheer the toilets and give a collective shout of encouragement. Later this schedule has changed at 20:00, to also include the children.

"All this will pass" is the final message of the Almogàvers filà video, encouraging people to stay home.

The culture

Various communication groups have released content so that people have free access to it, and many artists are also giving concerts on-line. Last weekend the I Stay Home Festival, a series of concerts in streaming in which various artists have offered their music on-line and free. The times and dates of the next performances can be found on the Instagram of @yomequedoencasafestival.

Other networking initiatives

In addition, many medical professionals are offering themselves on Twitter so that, if you have any health problem that worries you and you do not know how to identify, you consult them by private message so that you avoid going to the health centers and do not congest the system. On Twitter it is also very useful to follow accounts like @SaludPublicaEs, official account of the Central Government on Public Health.

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