This is how the great gala parade of the Moors and Christians of Dénia was lived

August 16 from 2022 - 09: 51

During the afternoon of Monday, Dénia was paralyzed to receive the filaes of the city in its gala parade. Thousands of people wanted to witness the most important event of the festivities of Moors and Christians, as it was the first time that it was celebrated after the pandemic, and the first time that it has been held as a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest. There was expectation.

Although at times too far apart, the truth is that the parade lived up to expectations. The filaes dressed in their best clothes and were seen enjoying themselves along the route that began on Calle La Via to Diana, to arrive through Marqués de Campo to the port.

The main courses, as usual, were the captaincies and all the accompaniment with which they were presented: from dazzling ballets to acrobats on horseback, including a large "army" of camels.

A grandiose parade with which the Moors and Christians reunite with their neighbors and with which they celebrate their 40th anniversary in the capital of the Marina Alta.

  1. Luis says:

    Didn't you publish the video of him falling silent in the middle of the parade? It seemed that he was doing well «loaded»… .mareeeeeeee …….He couldn't even get up …… ayyyy mareeeeee …….

  2. Miguel Giner says:

    Better not go back to Denia, find another more boring place.
    Denia is loved with its festive essence, land of work, traditions and celebration

  3. Raul says:

    Fortunately, in August he fled from Denia and was not there, how tiresome, every year the same, drunkenness, low-cost folklore without style, very noisy and unremarkable. In September everything returns to normal and all this nonsense will have passed.