Alejandro, Lucía and Rai return to the Dénia sea after passing through the turtle hospital

08 June 2022 - 13: 10

This morning three turtles were released on the beach Punta del Raset from Denia. The three specimens, baptized as Alejandro, Lucía and Rai, have returned to the sea today after spending time recovering in the Oceanographic's ARCA del Mar, a center known as "the hospital of the turtles".

They have actively participated in the release of turtles users of the Xara Occupational Center, the Santa Llúcia residence and the Raquel Payá special education school, accompanied by the Councilor for Ecological Transition, Maite Pérez Conejero. Before releasing the animals into their habitat, the attendees of each participating center have sponsored a specimen, choosing a name for it.

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  1. Jesus says:

    I usually follow your news, but I think it would be very important that all the events that are going to take place in Denia were announced by this same medium. We attended this event by chance and the general comment was the same, in general many events are not publicized, we find out later