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Dénia opens a new Center for Integrative Therapy, Clinical Institute Galileo

11 2016 April - 13: 01

El Galileo Clinical Institute opens a new consultation in Dénia to offer its specialized services in Integrative Therapy.

In Clinico Galileo offers a wide range of different treatments specific to each type of pathology. In addition, it also has others that have no other purpose than to improve your health and well-being. You can find slimming treatments, recovery from sleep, as well as anti-smoking or anti-stress and cell-rejuvenation programs among others.

At the clinic, the patient enters a dynamic daily with a feed to your needs and the most innovative treatments and pointers. Their priority is to produce a significant, positive and lasting change in the health of people.

Dr. Vicente Navarro Carpio de los Reyes in his office at the Institute Clinico Galileo in Dénia

In Instituto Clínico Galileo they have an integrative therapy, that is, the treatments prioritize the holistic part, without neglecting Western medicine. Covering the concept of 360º convinced by their results in which natural and scientific medicine are perfectly compatible, since they work at different levels and both pursue the same goal of living longer and better.

With over thirty years of experience in the Galileo Clinical Institute Your health will be in the best hands.

Consultations and appointment tel. 682 460 192 or, Marques de Campo, 49-3izq. Dénia.

Galileo Clinical Institute

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