07 June 2023 - 17: 22
  • HCB nursing staff and a team of dermatology specialists provide solutions to the main dermatological problems in 48 hours

HCB Hospitals, specific HCB Benidorm and HCB Denia, (it is expected to be able to extend the service to HCB Calpe coming soon) are already working with the new dermatological diagnostic imaging system.

How the HCB dermatological imaging diagnosis works

Thanks to technology, with the help of health personnel from HCB Hospitals and the online Dermatology team, patients who need it will be able to receive almost immediate attention for their dermatological problems with a solution in 48 hours (business).

“We should not confuse this type of diagnostic imaging service with an online consultation via videoconference. There is no direct consultation with the dermatologist, but the human factor does not disappear. Our specialized health personnel always accompanies the patient”, explained the Medical Director of HCB Hospitales, the Dr. Fernando Sanchez Ruano.

In the new Dermatological Diagnostic Imaging Service at HCB Hospitales, patients are cared for at all times by health personnel specifically trained for this dermatological consultation.

It is your staff who carry out an exhaustive questionnaire and anamnesis to the patient; take images of the injury or injuries with a high-resolution camera; and takes dermoscopic images with a state-of-the-art dermatoscope that allows specialists to see the lesion or lesions very precisely.

All patient information is uploaded to a secure platform (in compliance with GDPR regulations on medical information) that is accessed by the Dermatology team assigned to HCB Hospitales. They value all the information and the image samples taken and in 48 hours they facilitate their diagnosis, treatment and advice to follow.

Very fast dermatological diagnoses and treatments

“The main advantage of this new service is the immediacy, both to obtain the appointment as soon as it is requested, normally the next day or in a few days, or the convenience of the available hours; to the speed with which the dermatological report is received with all the clinical information provided by the collaborating Dermatology team. In a maximum of 48 hours, the patient receives an answer to his problem", highlighted the Dr. Sanchez Ruano.

The report that the patient receives can provide various solutions: a simple diagnosis without major repercussions; recommend a follow-up at a certain time; give a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment, including the official prescriptions of the collegiate; You can also schedule a treatment and request that it be diverted to another specialist, diagnostic tests or surgical interventions.

In the occasions in which the patient requires some complementary test or the intervention of another specialist, he may be cited in consultation to continue his treatment with the specialists of HCB Hospitals necessary.

On other occasions, the diagnosis may include a recommendation to visit a dermatology specialist for a face-to-face consultation. And always, they offer a detailed summary of advice aimed at improving the diagnosed lesion or pathology.

Types of dermatological lesion

In the HCB Dermatological Diagnostic Imaging service, up to two lesions can be seen per consultation and treatment can be given for most dermatological pathologies:

  • Tumor lesions
  • Hair injuries/trichology
  • inflammatory lesions

In addition, the Dermatology Service of HCB Hospitals It has a face-to-face medical team that continues to attend consultations, hospitalization, and the surgical area.

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