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15.000 euros of difference between a patient to divert the Pedrera or Fontilles

01 October 2013 - 00: 02

Last year 2012, 370 patients were referred to Hospital La Pedrera Chronic. Of that number, only 9 were in the region. These figures, who raised their voices of protest from many groups, go down the same path this year.

From the Marina Health care department explained that this low rate is due to the high cost that currently involves diverting a patient to the La Pedrera. Explained the care Director of the Department of Health of Dénia, Rafael Sala, these figures fall far short of the cost of diverting a patient to Fontilles: referral to HACLE of La Pedrera has an average cost of 18.000 euros, while the same referral to Fontilles hospital is around 3.500 euros.

Sala explained that currently derived only patients with strokes to perform a cognitive rehabilitation facilities because Marina Health Hospital They can not practice this rehabilitation.

From the health department of Marina Salud they stress the importance of better defining the average length of stay of each patient, since in this way there would be more options for other patients.

Rafael Sala argued that, as long hospital stay, La Pedrera must offer their services "until the moment when the patient requires it in a welfare way, and not beyond". And, as explained Sala are currently Unbounded time of stay of these patients, and the Department bill per day of stay. This could be solved if from Consellería establish a rates for the different rooms, depending on the condition of each patient.

Marina Salud is currently in discussions with the Director General of Health Care of the Ministry for the purpose of this situation, waiting is resolved in the coming weeks is resolved. "We are the first ones interested in having La Pedrera hospital serve as a long-stay hospital in the health department of Dénia"Said Sala.

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