We already know the name of the new falleros seven presidents

20 March 2012 - 00: 05

Six committees have already decided who will hold the presidency for this new fallero exercise. Port Rotes He presented to Rafa Caminal, fallero from 3 years and father of the Fallera Mayor Infantil of 2009 failure ago. Roberto Martí will be the new president of the Diana fails, Come from a faller and brother and son of presidents family.

A woman hold office in Camp Roig: Pepa Catala linked to failure from 2008, and mother of the children presidents of 2008, 2009 and 2012. West meanwhile introduced Jose Miguel Morera, festero from 15 years ago the commission. The last to arrive at the tent of the Board was Nadal Malonda, during 23 years has been in the commission of Darrere del Castell and this year will hold the presidency.

Once the ceremony we knew that Jose Antonio Monsonis be president Roques and Fallera Mayor, Pamela Pagador. Campaments, meanwhile, announced that its next president will be Julián Huelves.

Saladar and Paris Pedrera They visited the tent without a president for now, and Baix la Mar and Center did not release the names of its presidents.

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