Wifi zones and bars

25 September 2014 - 12: 48

Currently the WiFi connection involves virtually a daily necessity we hope to achieve in the places we visited, whether bars, restaurants, hotels or public places such as museums or libraries.

Dénia, as open to tourism which is city offers numerous connection facilities for users, especially in private facilities where the owners offer their password wifi signal to customers.

Free wifi areas in Dénia

The City of Dénia has for some years made available to citizens and visitors a free wifi service in public spaces that allows connection to the Internet from mobile devices. The Dénia wifi hotspot service identifies the user of the service and records the activity and limitation of the bandwidth assigned to each session according to the regulations established by the CMT.


To use this service, users must register on the Hotspot portal page and request a password that will be sent by SMS to a mobile device.

The consistory wifi enabled Dénia points in the city, Torrecremada, Chabás Park Street La Via, Parking Train Station Plaza Jaume I, Les Bassetes Park, Port Denia, sports center and Paseo de la Marineta Cassiana.

Bars Wi-Fi

Restorers of the city are very concerned with customer need wifi internet access, so often made available to users for their keys and passwords.

There are also several cafes in Dénia cyber that allow access by computers to the network at affordable prices.

Register with the wireless network

Register with the wireless network in Dénia is simple and full of possibilities, as there are many companies that realizane ste service.

Digital Dénia offers several offers for hiring wifi in the area, and offers installation service in Dénia wifi antennas.

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  1. Juan Salvador Madrigal Muga says:

    I want to hire a WiFi connection for a few months in an apartment in Denia, I would like to know the installation conditions and costs.