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Víctor Fernández and María Fornés were the best in the Cross of Les Rotes

01 September 2014 - 00: 00

The athletes Víctor Fernández and María¨Fornés were the first classified in the absolute general of the Cross of Les Rotes Memorial Diego Mena.

Víctor Férnandez race winner

With a sunny afternoon with a light breeze this popular athletic test was a success of public participation and disputed.

With the usual route that runs along the Paseo de Les Rotes, athletes willing to give everything out. From the beginning the athlete Víctor Fernández took the lead of the test in the company of two other very young athletes who participated but without having formalized their registration, so not counted when the results.

The goal of winning time was 23: 41, second place for Maximum Folqués with 24: 11 and third was Adrián Hadri with 24: 56.

In women during the first kilometers María Fornés and Andrea Fernández They were together but the biggest push Fornes, was with Fernandez decided to go at their own pace and keeps the second place.

María Fornés crossed the finish line with a time of 27: 10, the second was Andrea Fernández with a time of 28: 43 and third Ana Alberona clocked 29: 55.

The classifications of each of the categories were as follows.

junior Women

1ª Andrea Fernández
2ª Laura Salort
3ª Anna Torres

Male youth

1º Michel Bas
Sacha 2º Kruithof
3º Alejandro Llull

Senior women

1ª María Fornés
2ª Aida Aparisi
3ª María Bertó

Senior male

1º Adrián Hadri
Francesc Miralles 2º
3º Raúl Benavente

A veteran

1ª Ana Alberola
Encarna 2ª Cardona
3ª Susana Navarro

A veteran

Maximum 1º Folqués
2º Francisco Soliveres
3º Vicente Peiró

Veteran B

1ª Louise Ambler
Mila 2ª Ortega
3ª Mª Dolores Iborra

veteran B

1º Víctor Fernández
2º Javier Piles
3º Vicente Miralles

Veteran C

1ª Amelia Pastor

veteran C

1º Vicente De Juan
2º Francisco Ivars
3º Juan Pedro Montavez

veteran Plus

1º Salvador Signes
Ismael Ferreras 2º
Camino Pablo 3º

Highlight the good performance of athletes Running Gin Tonic Club, Especially Miguel Ángel Martínez who it was fourth in the senior category with a record of 26: 44. Pablo Vera was the 21 of seniors with a time of 31: 47. Emilio Ronda was the senior 25 with a record of 33: 44. They entered behind Luis Armell, Gonzalo Durá and Ramón Grimalt.

Once again the organization in charge of the Neighborhood Association Les Rotes, with its president Pascual Pastor and restaurant Mena with Diego at the head looked after as possible to all participants and perfectly fulfilled with the organization of this test.

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