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Urban planning announces its pioneering plan to end the accumulation of files

February 11 from 2020 - 12: 03

The Town Planning Councilor, María Josep Ripoll, presented this morning the temporary improvement program of the Department of Urban Planning, with which they undertake to simplify and expedite the procedures and reduce the deadlines for the approval of licenses.

To achieve this goal, the Department of Urban Planning will increase its workforce in the coming months, incorporating two senior architects, two technical architects, an average administrative technician and an administrative assistant with contracts from one year renewable to three.

The department suffers, according to Ripoll, a large accumulation of files to process. In total, as they have verified after an arduous diagnostic work, there are 188 requests for large works and 104 for minor works between 2019 and 2020, to which they assure that they will respond during this year. Although from an optimistic perspective, the councilwoman confirms that having worked in more than twice the files, 3781 in total, is the result of the economic recovery that pushes to request new licenses.

Faster to end the accumulation of files

With this pioneering improvement program in Dénia, although it has already been carried out in other municipalities with good results, they promise to expedite all the procedures to face the great burden with the new staff support. In this line, one of its main objectives will be to reduce the waiting time for meetings with the technicians, which will go from three months to one and will cover up to 20 weekly.

With this new plan and work script, Urbanism seeks to respond to an unsustainable situation. "We can't look the other way", the councilwoman has declared.

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