«A new political confluence to our city»

May 16 from 2023 - 10: 42

L'Esquerra de Dénia-Acord Municipal is a new political confluence to our city. All the leftist groups of the Valencian Country (United Left-Republican Left of the Valencian Country) have wanted to form a coalition that with the slogan Denia is Teua It claims the fundamental role of the city in all the questions that affect the day to day of the Town Hall. L'Esquerra de Dénia believed in the city of A Peu and in its decision-making power in all matters relating to the city. The political approach is based on real citizen democracy. To the capdavant of the candidacy to Dénia you find Sergi Sales Rodriguez and to the capdavant of the candidacy of l'EATIM de Jesús Pobre, Patricia Miñana Pérez.

The program has many points but we will highlight some quans with a new public residence for the region located at the Dénia terme, a new health center that works all the time, a menjador and municipal shelter for people with many economic difficulties , a worthy auditor for the population of Dénia, a measure of the price of the arrival so that deniers do not flee to other populations because it is impossible to live in their town, streamline the municipal bureaucracy for minor works (hui today is calvari), encourage local businesses...etc

Also for L'Esquerra de Dénia, ecology is very important for this reason it would build more green areas and parks in the city, prevented the fire cliffs in the Montgó natural park during all year, the expansion of the reserve Marina del Cap de Sant Antoni, more public car parks at the voltants of the city and Ben Senyalitzats, project of green roads between Jesús Pobre-Gata de Gorgos/ Jesús Pobre/La Xara/Dénia, public transport on weekends between the three towns ( Dénia-La Xara-Jesús Pobre) I fled on a nonexistent day. On is the ecological transition that they talk about so ens? If we are obligats to anar en cotxe to all llocs? is question the coalition.

L'Esquerra de Dénia- Municipal Agreement

  1. À says:

    Has anyone corrected the barbarity of orthographic errors that I have come across? Fa a bit of shame…

  2. July says:

    To dilute a vote is to throw it away

  3. Dani says:

    I plan to vote for them.
    They have reasonable proposals such as the defense of public transport or the second Health Center.
    They are Republicans anyway and the left always tends to look out for people.

  4. Luis says:

    Diluting games to create new ones to see if there is luck and you get a little salary.