A new triumph for Alex Pella in the Atlantic

January 20 from 2021 - 12: 51

The Spanish ocean sailor Alex Pella has achieved another triumph by proclaiming himself the winner of the RORC Transatlantic Race, a regatta that covers 3.188 nautical miles (5.907 km), from Lanzarote to the Caribbean island of Antigua. The crossing has been made in 9 days, 3 hours, 33 minutes and 19 seconds. Pella has won both in real time and compensated when crossing the finish line 18 hours before the second classified, the Austrian, Johannes Schwarz.

Alex Pella, skipper of the “Rayon Vert” trimaran, has embarked on this new adventure together with the owner, Oren Nataf. “I am very happy with this new victory, in this 50 foot trimaran, with my friend Oren Nataf. It has been a fantastic experience, in a type of boat, in which I am not so used to sailing. It is a cruiser-regatta, really comfortable, but at the same time very very fast, as it has shown. One more Atlantic for me. I must be close to 40, but I've really lost count. "Pella says.

Alex Pella has his base of operations in the Puerto Deportivo y Turístico Marina de Denia. This was the first victory of 2021 and it will continue to prepare the owner to participate in the 2022 Rum Route, a regatta that Alex Pella already won in 2014. “I will continue to be linked to the great trimarans of the 'Ultime' class. Next year's season is yet to be defined, but the idea is to do an Atlantic loop or a crewed round the world tour by the end of 2021 ".

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