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A magic dragon will protect the children in the waiting room of the Hospital

February 18 from 2020 - 15: 05

Puff, is the magic dragon of the hospital, a mythological being that fights against power, in this case represented by pathology, by disease. The dragon of the hospital is a wicker structure, four meters long by one and a half high, made by the artist, textile Maria Muñoz.

Puff is a shelter house that has an entrance door through the mouth and the exit at the end of the tail. As the artist relates, "I had previously made an igloo-shaped wicker structure for children, but I was attracted to the idea that it was an animal, and the dragon represents wisdom and strength, which is a very safe haven for a child".

If you want to meet Puff you will have to go to the waiting room of the External Consultations. The objective of the initiative is to offer security and strength to children before “facing” the consultation, in addition to making the wait more bearable, both for the little ones and for the accompanying adults. The installation is completed with a blackboard in which the little ones can express themselves through painting or writing.

The Humanization of the Pediatric waiting room has been carried out thanks to the collaboration of the Help of Marina Alta association.


It was a magical dragon that lived in the sea. It is a very versioned children's song. In the following link you can listen to Joan Manel Serrat's interpretation.

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