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Dianenses wins in the 'VII Mitja Marató Muntanya Ocaive' of Pedreguer

February 14 from 2020 - 13: 25

Pedreguer hosted the “VII Mitja Marató Muntanya Ocaive”, seventh of the scoring tests of the “Circuit Trail Marina” with a great public atmosphere. A mountain race that had a 21-kilometer course where the success was taken by the Dianenses athletes of the Dénia Corre, since both men and women were the great winners.

In boys, the fastest to complete the distance was Pol Rodríguez, who invested a time of 1: 50.49. Second place went to the athlete of Xàbia Nasio Cardona, from the Llebeig Xàbia Athletics Club, with a mark of 1: 53.58. The third place went to the benisero Fran de la Cruz, from Entrena Benissa, with a record of 1: 54.07.

In women the best was Aida Pérez, from Dénia Corre, with a mark of 2: 28.13, the second place went to the athlete from Gata Antonia Valero, from Grup Espeleológica Gata, who made a time of 2: 35.39. The third place went to Mía Storm, from the Athletics Club Corremundos de Teulada, with a record of 2: 35.54.

The following Dénia Corre athletes also participated in this race: José Miguel Navarro Rafet (2:27:45), Vicente López Ferreres (2:27:45), Jaume Santana Serra (2:39:11), Elisa García Córcoles (2:44:24), Laurence Rastell (2:57:11) (FIRST MASTER), Belén Leal Mora (3:00:26) (THIRD SENIOR), José Lozano Moya (3:00:42), Fran Montes Robles (3:07:52), Aurelio Mengual Ferrando (3:13:45), Ibón Artabe Olea (3:29:51), Mila Ortega Vallejo (3:32:25) (THIRD MASTER) and Marcos Sánchez López (3:35:46).

In the test of the short 13-kilometer course in men, the best was David Pérez, from the Quatre Gats de Rótova, with a time of 1: 06.26. The second place went to Raúl Miñana del Socarun with a mark of 1: 09.50. The third classified was Raúl Agulles, of the Grup Espeleológica Cat, with a record of 1: 10.42.

In women, the first to cross the goal arch was Rosa Lara, of the Gata Athletics Club, with a record of 1: 22.50. The second to go on the podium was Jennifer Wood of the Grup Espeleológica Cat, with a time of 1: 27.30. The third place went to Ángela Gadea, from CE Bernía, with a mark of 1: 28.08.

In this race Dénia Corre athletes achieved the following times; Salvador Llin Mínguez (1:13:14), José Francisco García Santacreu (1:17:02), José Llobell Ferrer (1:28:05), Carlos Sánchez Sau (1:34:04), Elia Durá Frau (1 : 37: 00), Fatima Moll Cervera (1:47:59), Marc Bañuls Ortolá (1:48:32), Marisa Marco Martí (1:54:22), Alejandra Brea Orengo (1:54:24), Pepi Gómez García (1:58:19), Christiane Wein (2:01:02), Miguel De La Cruz Gamarra (2:01:35), Xima Sánchez Núñez (2:01:35), Iolanda Sendra Pons (2 : 06: 36) and Jerónima Gil Gil (2:10:21)

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