Three members of the Club Unió Ciclista Montgó Dénia celebrate the centenary of the Brevet

13 September 2021 - 09: 53

On September 11, 1921, the first 200KM brevet was organized by the Audax Club Parisien. Saturday marked 100 years of such a memorable date and cycling clubs around the world took the opportunity to honor that date with the celebration of a 200km brevet.

Three members of the Club Unió Ciclista Montgó Dénia ventured with this celebration. On the one hand, Ángel Ruíz participated in the test organized by the Club Randonneurs del Azahar, where they proposed to go through a demanding special brevet through the Sierra de San Vicente and the Puerto de Mijares de la Sierra de Gredos, with a distance of 201km and an unevenness accumulated of + 3.400m approx.

On the other hand, Gema de Fez and Javi Almela together with the friends of Club Ciclista Sariñena (Javi and Héctor) held the brevet held in Huesca by the Huesca Cycling Club: Huesca, Cuna Ciclista. This brevet recalls the beginnings of speed racing in Huesca and the province, with such important figures as Joaquín Costa (Monzón), Mariano Catalán, Gregorio Simón and Gregorio Campaña (Huesca), Manuel Ricol (Barbastro), José Javierre (Jaca) and many others. early twentieth century. The length of the brevet was 208km and the accumulated unevenness + 2.200m.

All completed the corresponding tours within the time established by regulation and got the centenary medal in memory of this test.

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