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After more than two months, the last patient admitted to the ICU by COVID with a Christian march is discharged

01 June 2020 - 19: 58

El Hospital de Dénia Organizes the emotional farewell of the last one admitted by COVID who remained in the ICU. It had been there since March 22 when they had to hospitalize them in the intensive care unit after testing positive.

According to the Dénia Health Department, the patient, a native of El Verger, tested negative for coronavirus several weeks ago. However, he needed intensive care, so he did not go to the plant until today.

After more than two months, the hospital ensures that he, his wife and son have already become part of the family at the center after more than two months in hospital. Therefore, and knowing their membership in the filà AlmorávidesThey wanted to celebrate their improvement with a Christian march and with the delivery of a captain's sword.

  1. Maribel says:

    Very nice and emotional, but security protocol 0. You have to lead by example!

  2. Jacquelne says:

    How cute and fun! get well soon

  3. Xavi says:

    The scenes in the video are an example of what not to do. All of them are very close and close, with hugs and fingering, without keeping the safety distance, because the important thing is not health, no, the important thing is the party.

    Then we complain that part of Europe does not want to pay reconstruction funds. Total, here they are going to spend it on parties, firecrackers, drunkenness, virgins, noise, garbage and animal abuse.

  4. Antonio Sanchez says:

    It gives me great satisfaction to know that there is no longer any affected by COVID in the ICU of the Denia Hospital. I will also celebrate the day that you communicate that the last one that entered the plant has also left.
    Throughout this period of pandemic, we have been aware that all the toilets were few to attend the flood of infected citizens that were received daily. This situation had its "peak" and then began to descend until it reached the almost zero level that we are now at. But just as there have been (and there are) phases of de-escalation that reduce the restrictive measures of the confinement situation, I have not observed that this relief has been reflected in the attention of other pathologies that, unfortunately, other citizens suffer. Why? The fault is not with COVID. Perhaps it should be sought in the non-resolution of the concession contract that was once made to the company that operates the management of the Hospital de la Marina Alta.
    In its day it was announced to us that the next hospital to become public again would be that of Denia. Ah !!! That then we were in the electoral period and now, that public health is crying out for, are we in other business?
    Well, it is true. Now we are focused on tourism. Now for Denia there is only the tourist. Now we have to worry that when the tourist arrives everything will be beautiful. That is why we are paving roads, painting pedestrian crossings, taking care of gardens…. So that when tourists come they will leave their money in Denia and become very happy with how well they are treated. That they can park up to the sidewalks, their children can circulate with the free exhaust of the motorcycles without anyone penalizing them for the noise they make…. This year, in addition, they will not put on the cumbersome masks, nor will they keep the distance that is marked for others and an endless number of other things that we are used to seeing when summer arrives where they are always like princes and this year they will be like kings . And they know it. Only those who are unlucky enough to need to go to the hospital and tell them that there are no appointments will leave unhappy. Or do they also have the privilege of being given it?
    Now there is no need to monitor to ensure compliance with the regulations set by Health and the Government. Now there is no need to disinfect sidewalks. Now we have already entered the Denia phase that «It's worth everything».
    This is so and the people of Denia and those who have lived here for years know it.
    What it seems that those who give those orders do not know is that the tourist comes and goes. And that those of us who vote in elections are the ones who have lived twelve months in Denia. Notice to sailors that the sea is there and very nice!

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