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Would you like to work with natural light? Solatube Levante can help you

18 September 2019 - 15: 10

If your office or your company are many hours a day working with artificial light, that may be noticed in the results. Or maybe the lighting problem is at home: is it too dark and there are rooms that you cannot use as you would like? Solatube Levante It can help you: illuminate your spaces without having direct light from a window, with a system without works and with quick and clean installation. Are you interested in this solution?

"Solar Tube" is a solar tube that allows sunlight to enter the darkest areas of houses, offices and industrial buildings. In addition to lighting better, you save energy, and therefore, money.

Advantages of natural light: how it can improve your quality of life

-At home: Turn any dark room into a place with more color and more life. Even give new functions to a room that due to lack of light you could not dedicate to something else.

-In the professional scope: Work centers with natural lighting are more productive and with less work absenteeism. Create a more pleasant work environment in your business, reduce staff stress, and increase your work quality. Natural light has important positive consequences on the health and mood of workers.

-In industrial buildings: in companies located in industrial buildings, natural light achieves a healthier environment, and greater energy efficiency. Even if it is a sports center, you can see a greater influx of people.

What is the Solatube Levante system?

Solatube Levante brings more light to your spaces through a skylight or skylight, which is an opening in the ceiling. It is a natural lighting system to low cost. The Solatube team performs a technical study and it gives you budget without commitment. Let yourself be advised by these specialists in natural lighting for 20 years ago. Save light, and improve your quality of life and that of your workers and customers. Solatube Levante is on the Olivares Road, kilometer 0.8, Benimeli.

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